My Hair Story

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Hello my lovelies! Thanks for checking in! I know I should probably have started off with this post but alas I did not.

Ever since I started my hair journey I have been taking pictures with the intention of creating a video to chronicle my achievements; but the unthinkable happened! A virus infestation of my laptop corrupted most of my picture files and I lost most of those pictures I took so religiously at the end of each stretch. Notice I said most, because my obsession with social media meant that i was posting pics along my journey.  In addition,my hubby, being that he’s the fixer of everything that is broken was able to salvage some of them that were stored in a folder with seeming ‘blood on the door’. Get the Bible reference? The virus passed over it? Anyway I will be sharing the few that were saved.

So, to start at the beginning. I had round-about full shoulder length natural hair for the first nineteen years of my life. From what I can remember my natural hair has a 4a texture (big guess). Not surprisingly during those 19 years the length of my hair never really changed much and I didn’t do anything special to take care of it. My routine was to wash when it looked dirty with any old shampoo and rinse out conditioner I could find, slather on some petroleum jelly and that was it. In terms of style it was either always in a puff, rope twists or corn rows.

Those styles were the reason why I decided to get my first relaxer. In my ignorance I thought there was no way to style natural hair that looked ‘adult’. So a few weeks before I started University I went and got my hair relaxed. It was the most anti-climactic moment in my life!  My hair was full of gel at the time and the relaxer didn’t take properly. My hair was a  puffy mess. Anyway I got it corrected a few weeks after and I was loving my hair. It had a decent length and thickness and I could finally look like an adult.

Fast forward to the end of my first year of University and the contrast couldn’t be more stark!  It was a dry, breaking mess. I had started washing and relaxing it myself half-way through the year because of a lack of money to go to the hair dresser, and my inexperience was showing. Things would continue to go down hill for the remaining three years of University and I graduated with my hair somewhere between my chin and my shoulders.

I was introduced to the concept of a hair journey after developing an interest in make up. I was hooked on watching makeup videos on YouTube in the months leading up to my graduation cause I wanted to slay my makeup on graduation day (didn’t go as planned haha).  I stumbled upon a video of “Youtuber” KISS77 (link to her channel)  and I never looked back. I wanted hair like hers!

March 2013, my hair journey was born. It has been quite a journey with twists and turns triumphs and disappointments. Check out the pics below:

March162013 relaxed after 12week stretch
My Hair March 2013

My hair was short, breaking and thin

October 2013
October 2013 after six-seven months of proper hair care

Making progress after just six months!

April 2014
April 2014- My one year HHJ anniversary


October 2014
October 2014- Grazing bra-strap length


April 2015- Full bra-strap length


August 2015
Heyy that’s my princess. August 2015


December 2015
December 2015- Bomb roller set

2015 was not a good year in terms of hair-care for me. Most of my energy and time went into taking care of my daughter (no regrets) . I basically remained at the same length for the entire year because I was constantly trimming dry crappy ends. Which brings me to the final pic: the neglect finally caught up to me and I had to do a mini chop to get rid of all the dead split ends.

january 2016
January 2016- Mini Chop

I hope this gives you some hope if you are at the beginning of your hair journey, or you are thinking about starting one. Look at the progress after only six months! If I can do it you can too. Don’t forget to share this post and leave a comment. Until next time, happy hair journey!


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2 thoughts on “My Hair Story”

  1. Incredible Marsha, love the presentation but I would have love for you to show your viewers what product line you choose or the importance of choosing the right products to get such results. However I had which back to my natural hair over five years now and loving it. My only problem is that it’s really time consuming especially when I do it myself. Good luck on your hair journey.

    1. Thanks Latoya. I have done a post on the products I use. I plan on doing product reviews in the future. My relaxed hair is so time consuming so I can only imagine natural hair. And you cant take short cuts with natural hair or else you look like a crazy person. Atleast with relaxed hair I can put it in a bun in 5 minutes and go.

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