Social Media Envy: How to Take Responsibility For Your Own Happiness

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Hello guys!  Welcome back to Marsha’s Journey. So today I am putting my social commentary cap back on, addressing an issue that has been heavily talked about online recently: Social Media Envy & Fake Happiness.

It’s 2017 and we are in the middle of the social media takeover. Every single day more and more persons join the social media sphere which is becoming more and more a place to share carefully curated lives of bliss and perfection.

Being a blogger and an aspiring  influencer I spend a lot of time online. So the whole social media envy and fake happiness chatter has not missed me.  I have been seeing many persons complaining about social media envy, which basically is the urge to compare yourself and your life with other persons’ online. I’ve also been seeing many captions along the lines of “make sure you are happy in real life and not just online”.

I am going to dissect the issue and talk about it in two parts:1. Social Media Envy and 2. Fake Happiness

Social Media Envy

First off let me say that social media envy happens to all of us, myself included.  Thinking that everybody else’s lives are perfect but ours is shit. But that is so not true. There are so many things happening to people all over the world that are way worse than the day to day challenges that many of us face.  Look at all the terrorist attacks in the US and UK, the hurricanes…people in Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands still do not have electricity after how many weeks…look at what is happening in Africa for example highlighted by Rihanna and  even one of my favourite bloggers Latoya Forever recently… there are so many young people dying from cancer etc. Everybody’s lives are not blissful and a lot of it is being shared online but people only choose to see the perfect fitness models and the lives of jetsetters (or my perfect hair lol). I am not saying take comfort in another person’s pain but if you really think about the whole picture there are more people with a less than ideal life than we perceive.

Fake Happiness

Next is the whole “be happy in real life and not just on social media” topic. Now guys be honest with yourself for just one moment… you know you are not ever going to share all your dirty laundry online. So why do you expect other people share theirs? And people do actually do it. I see so much information online that shouldn’t even be there because it’s personal but for what ever reason people choose to tell the whole world their business. Let me tell you all please do not expect me to lay out all my problems on Facebook or Instagran or even on my blog. It’s not going to happen.  At least not while I’m going through it.

I have heard people living pretty affluent lives complain about social media affecting their self-esteem and happiness. Some are taking “social media breaks” because social media envy is affecting their mental health.

 My Advice

1. If seeing other people prosper and be happy makes you sad then there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that you perceive things. Seeing other people happy and doing well should make you happy not envious.  If you are finding yourself in this head space too often, do some introspection and try to identify the problem within you that is making you feel this way and work on changing your mind set.   Talking to a therapist or councillor might help too. A little pang of jealousy here and there is bound to happen but do not allow yourself to wallow in it.

2. Turn your social media envy into action. That fitness model that you envy?  Get into the gym and workout and clean up your diet or workout at home if that’s what you can afford at the moment. That job that you wish you had, create a plan and start working towards it.

What ever it is that you see others doing that you wish you were doing,  instead of being envious start doing some research, create a vision board, hell reach out to the person and ask for some advice on how they got to where they are and start working towards it and trust me you will be a lot happier in real life.

3. As it relates to fake happiness, nobody’s whole truth is going to be represented online and we cannot control what aspects of their lives another person chooses to share. So on this whole be happy in real life thing I call b/s. I say be happy whenever and wherever you want to or need to be.

Everybody in this world has problems and the same way you don’t always share yours it’s the same for everyone else.

4. Last but not least, remember nobody is responsible for your happiness but you. So take the first step today in doing what makes you happy and by all means share it on social media if that’s what you feel like doing.

Let me know what you think in the comments! Until next post be happy!


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6 thoughts on “Social Media Envy: How to Take Responsibility For Your Own Happiness”

  1. I honestly didn’t expect to love your post because for some reason I thought you were gonna go on about the fact that “these people aren’t really as happy as their social media suggests” (This is what most people talk about to make themselves feel better). I hear that all the time, which could very well be true… BUT what if they actually are??? People can be fundamentally happy, but go through difficult times from time to time. Like you said, I would never post about my problems (trust me, I have plenty). And of course I feel a tinge of envy from time to time, who doesn’t? You just have to let other people’s achievements motivate you to not be stagnant in your life and keep pushing forward. Be happy for others until it’s your time to shine. I loved this post.

    1. Exactly. I’m glad you see my point! We all have problems but with all the bad things happening in the world why not jus share some uplifting moments?

  2. I think most if not all can relate to this post! I took a social media break back in June and I was reluctant bc as a blogger you can’t help but have a social media presence, no matter how small. But I needed it to deal with my ‘social media envy’. These tips you’ve mentioned, especially putting that envy into action are great for those of us who simply can’t switch off all the time! Great post!

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