Reactions to my Big Chop- Natural Hair Update

The Big Chop

I big chopped July 2017, after transitioning for 10 months, 1 week and 3 days. It came as a relief after struggling to detangle my hair every week and try but failing miserably at find cute creative ways to style my then thick natural roots and thin stringy relaxed ends.

I did not record my big chop because in my mind it wasn’t that big a deal. It was not a huge transformative or enlightening moment for me. For me it meant that I would be able to wash and detangle my hair with much more ease, my hair would look 100% healthier cuter and I could finally start taking proper care of my natural hair.

The Reactions

Most persons who knew me with my mid-back length relaxed hair wanted me to transition longterm or keep on relaxing. They were totally again the idea of chopping off all of my hair. So it’s came as no surprise when I cut my hair that there were some flabbergasted stares and probing questions coming my way. This was especially true among older persons.

Most people loved it however. My fiance, my close friends, whilst mixed with some disbelief that I could actually do it, there feed back was positive. Strangers are the most endearing, their view is not muddled by the past knowledge of long flowing tresses. All they see are beautiful curls that they are so intrigued to find out how I achieved.

My Feelings

I have always loved my natural hair. I reluctantly relaxed it when I was 19 because I didn’t know how to style it so I could look like a mature young lady. Read my hair story for a back ground on how we ended up here.

Since I got my first relaxer later in life than most, I still had a good idea of what my natural hair would be like when I chopped it. For the most part my memory was spot on, I still love my hair. There are a few little things that I find annoying (like why the crown of my hair loves to frizz) but other than that I’ve been enjoying.

When I just chopped for the first two days or so I thought I looked like a completely different (older) person but it quickly grew on my and I was back to looking like my old self.

I got asked all the time, “Don’t you miss your long hair?” Truth me told, I don’t. I know it’s weird. I thought that I would miss it but I don’t. I did some genuine introspection and I view my short natural hair as being more  beautiful than my long relaxed hair. That is what I truly believe in my heart of hearts.


My one goal is the get my hair to its most optimum health. I realize that I need to start with my scalp. I have had seborrhoeic dermatitis for years and I have been using topical creams to keep it under control but I really want to make an effort  to try a holistic approach with trying to get rid of it.

My hair has been looking better and better with each deep conditioning session. Each week I can see my curls clumping and popping more and my hair is staying moist for longer. The top of my hair is more of a loose wave so it fizzes quicker than the back and sides so I’m thinking of how I can combat that.

Plans for the Future

As I said the health of my hair and scalp are my main priority. In the short-term I plan on trying Apple Cider Vinegar to treat my scalp issues.  I am looking into incorporating protein/ henna into my regimen to see if that can get the crown if my hair to start clumping.

I plan to keep doing my wash and go’s. Wash and go’s allow me to style my hair only once per week so manipulation is kept to a minimum. I will be protective styling only occasionally until my hair gets long enough for buns etc. Reason being my protective style of choice is braids and they can be damaging to your edges if done too frequently.  I do not like wigs and weaves so those are not an option for my at least in the forseeable future.

  1. Have you done the big chop recently? How have others reacted to it and how do you feel about it? What are your hair goals? Let me know in the comments.

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