How Meditation Saved My Mental Health

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Hello my lovelies! Welcome back to Marsha’s Journey! I enjoy posting about hair and beauty and fun adventures but some days I like to take the plunge and talk about some deeper topics that are very important and that might help you my readers in other areas of your lives. Today I will be sharing my mental health story and how meditation has helped me to heal. So deep breathe…here goes!

I have not had an easy life my any stretch of the imagination. As far back as I can remember I have been working my way through  a struggle reaching desperately for the light at the end of the tunnel that  sometimes seems to go on for ever. But even if this hasn’t been your experience, we all challenges to face and these things can negatively affect the way our brains work.


This constant state of struggle and stress has undoubtedly had adverse effects on my mental and physical health. Sometimes it is worse than others and I did go through a rather debilitating patch in 2016. So much so that I was on the brink of a self-diagnosed nervous breakdown. My stress was out of control and I needed to do something or I would have lost my mind. I would take forever to fall asleep and wake up way before my normal wake-up time. I was having anxiety attacks for no apparent reason. My heart would be pounding and I would go these sinking feelings in my stomach even though I wasn’t frightened or even thinking about anything scary. The anxiety was the worst when I would lay down to sleep I would get these waves of panic no matter how much I tried to calm myself. My symptoms also became physical where I was having muscle spasms all over my body and my skin would feel like ants are crawling on it even when there was nothing there. I decided to try meditation and meditation save my mental health…

How does Meditation Work?

In my own layman understanding,  meditation works by re-configuring the brain to react differently to stimulus,  thoughts and situations. This is something that happens gradually so the more you meditate the more obvious the results will become.  You can’t completely change your brain in one go but just one session will have you feeling markedly different.

How Do I Meditate?

Firstly find I quiet area with no distraction , noise etc. where I can sit comfortably, (usually in my living room when my family has settled down in bed for the night). -These pictures are totally for blogging purposes guys but I really want to try meditating outdoors soon- Make sure you have access to a device on which you can play videos.  I listen to guided mediation videos on YouTube, you can also purchase guided meditation videos on Amazon if you would like to add some variety or if you get  tired of listening to the same ones over and over.  You don’t need a head phone, but if you are in a noisy environment it would be more convenient to use one.

So I simply search for guided meditation on YouTube and select a video that I think resonates with me. The first  video I listened was about emptying the mind and getting rid of negative thoughts. In the beginning I suggest you choose a video that is no more than 10 minutes long so that it’s not too long and you do not end up losing focus.Once you have found a video get into a comfortable position,close your eyes and listen to the guide! I promise you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders when you are done.

For me, the results were amazing after just one session so I was inspired to keep on going: doing a 10 minute session per day. By the end of the first week my anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed were replaced with a calm optimism. My problems didn’t disappear but my brain was reacting to them in a completely different way. It was as if I had hypnotised my mind. I must admit that after my breakthrough I eventually stopped meditating and I keep telling myself that I need to get back to it. So I am starting today and I will give periodic updates letting you all know how it is going.  I think everyone, whether we have mental health issues or not  should incorporate meditation into our routines to help keep our minds healthy. I dare you to try just once and see how it goes. I bet you will be hooked!




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2 thoughts on “How Meditation Saved My Mental Health”

  1. I’ve recently started doing meditation and it’s helped calm me down a bit. I plan on keeping it up so that I can eliminate my anxiety all the way.

    1. I’m glad you are finding help. Anxiety is no joke… If you try guided meditation that is centered around controlling your reaction to thoughts and events that will help immensely because a lot of anxiety is based on our reaction to what is going on around us as well as our own thoughts. I did one that trained my brain to not respond to thoughts and I felt the difference almost immediately. Good luck and thanks for reading I hardly ver get comments from males on my blog so its very refreshing!

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