How I Get Rid of White Residue and Crunch from My Wash and Go

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In my last post I shared a quick method of doing my wash and go. Since I did the video tutorial I have been getting questions about the white residue as well as whether my hair is crunchy after it dries.

Consequently I went ahead and recorded a video showing my hair when it’s dry as well as how I get rid of any crunch. Have a watch:

As you can see from the video my hair dries completely clear. There are no flakes are residue left once my hair is dry.

As for the crunch. I love crunch. Crunch means that your style is going to last a very long time before becoming frizzy so it’s really a blessing. Crunchy curls can look really flat a lifeless though and I understand that some people just don’t like the crunchy feeling. Admittedly I like it when my curls look and feel soft but with lots of hold.  To achieve this I scrunch some oil into my hair as per the video.

Here are some closeups of what my hair looks like completely dry and fluffed.


Products and Tools Used

  1. Metal Hair Pins: Similar ones here –
  2. Olive Oil:
  3. Hair Pick: Similar here-
  4. Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel:


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