A Naturalista’s Christmas Gift Guide/Wishlist

A Naturalista Christmas Gift Guide. A guide for persons looking to buy the perfect gift for a natural haired person/ naturalista. Marsha's Journey

Today is Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season has officially  began. It can be quite a task figuring out what to get people for Christmas but if that person is a naturalista worry no more because I have put together the ultimate guide for what to get the naturalista (s)  in your life. Side note- this list may or may not be the things that I want for Christmas…soooo u know if you are kind then hit me up for my address, wink!

First up on the list is something that I’ve seen all over Instagram and Youtube.

All the popular natural hair influencers are using this and it is the Q-redew Hair Steamer. This thing is so convenient for refreshing hairstyles mid-week, or switching from one hairstyle to another while eliminating the need to wash and redo your hair from scratch. It can also come in handy if you want to do a quick deeep condition on wash day but you do not have time to sit under the dryer.

Gift number 2 is the Deva Curls products line.

Now I have heard these products can be kind of pricey but I have done some digging and I came across some kits that Devacurl customises to suit different hair needs and curl types for very reasonable prices! There is the DevaCurl Miracle Workers: A Customised Kit for super Curly Hair, the DevaCurl Spring Curl Kit Moisture Oasis, and the DevaCurl Wavy Mini Transformation Kit to name a few. These are very convenient if your pockets are no very deep but you would like to treat the naturalista in your life to some more high end products than she would normally reach for.

Next up on my wishlist gift guide are some headscarves.

There are two types of headscarves, the ones you sleep in and the ones you used to create some bomb headwraps to cover up a bad hair day or just to spice things up when you feel like channeling your Nigerian ancestors. I’ve been lusting over a few of the latter but the former make great presents too- I’m sure every girl loves a pretty bed time scarf from time to time. Here are a few website offering a variety of head wraps and scarves: DivaHeadWrapsDesigns on EtsyRoyal House of Wraps and Fanm Djanm to name a few.  If you are looking for more reasonable ones check these out. While I’m on the subject of headbands why not just throw some cute head bands in to sweeten the deal. Here are some cute ones that make perfect stocking stuffers.

Fourth on my wish list are some heat tools. Even though us natural hair girls (and guys) try to stay away from heat as much as possible, having some good heat styling tools can make our lives so much easier especially during colder months when nobody wants to be walking around with wet hair. Here’s a list of some that come highly recommended:

  1. The Babyliss Pro Ceramix Extreme Dryer

This blow dryer retails for less than $40 and rivals high-end professional blowdryers.

 2. The HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Flat Iron with Tourmaline

3.The Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

 The rest of my list are just random little things that are very handy but sometimes are easily forgotten and any naturalista would appreciate these thoughtful yet simple gifts.

  1. The first one is this fine mist spray bottle  that keeps spraying a perfect fine mist even after you let go oft the nozzle. It’s great for refreshing but never drenches your hair.

2. The next handy-dandy little tool you can get a naturalista is a tangle teaser . It make detangling a breeze and doesn’t snag on the hair .

3. The Denman Brush is the curly girls best friend so you cannot go wrong with this one.

Finally this Vibrating Scalp Massager makes for a perfect luxury gift for cheap.

Well guys that is it for my naturalista gift guide. I hope this helps you with some ideas if you have been racking your brain about what to get a natural sista! In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas and holiday related content in the coming weeks!


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