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I have taken a new step in the direction of my dreams and recently launched my Youtube channel. My plan is to post most of my hair and beauty related content on there and transition my blog into a platform where I discuss social and personal issues as well as hopefully fashion.

Thank you for your support over the past year and if you are new please subscribe to my blog as well as my Youtube Channel.

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Geddes Great House

My blog is relatively new and the idea of a blog came to me mainly because I wanted to share my hair journey. However, my journey is not limited to hair alone so I am going to take a leap of faith and incorporate bits from my other journeys that I think are interesting.

I am a Land Surveyor by profession and as you can imagine I travel a lot for my job. The week before the last I travelled to Claremont in St. Ann (my home parish-the best). I do not want to divulge too much about my job, but anyway I worked at the Geddes Great House.

The entrance is beautiful and looked quite interesting. Like you would want to see what is behind that hill of grey rocks.



A long narrow road leads up to the house.


The view of the surrounding hills and slopes is breath-taking.


There is a cave that tourists who visit explore.


And a deep sink hole that legend has it, used to be a wishing well.


The weather was very cool. I had to put a sweater on because I get cold very easily. There is a Facebook page where you can get more information on the Great House.

If you love nature and exploring this is a great place to go.

Let me know whether you enjoyed this post or not, and if I should do more posts like these. Thanks for reading!

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