Updated Wash Day Recap

I am now transitioning to Natural hair and so I thought I would share my wash day routine just in case there are other transitioners who would find this helpful.

This is how my hair looked before I started. My hair was in  braid out all week.

Step 1: Hot Oil Treatment or Pre-poo


For this week’s wash I Pre- pooed with a mixture of Coconut Oil and Jamaica Black Castor Oil. After applying the Oil mix I sat under the dryer with a plastic cap for about 15 minutes.

Step 2: Shampoo

I shampooed with the Creme of Nature Sulfate Free Argan Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo. This Shampoo is a new favourite. It left my hair feeling soft and moisturised yet clean. I love it!

Step 3: Deep Condition 


Lately I have been loving the Elasta QP DRP 11+ Deep Conditioner. You can check out my review of it here. A few weeks ago I did a Protein Depp condition and with Hair Mayonnaise and followed up with this DRP 11 and my hair felt like clouds of cotton. It was soooo soft I could have died. I sat under the dryer withe a plastic cap for 30 minutes, the rinsed.

Step 4: Leave in Conditioner

After I rinsed my deep conditioner I applied my Leavins which were The Orion Zimmi Thermal Sheen booster and the African Pride Olive Oil Leave in.


I then sealed my Leave-ins in with the same oil mix I used to pree- poo and proceeded to detangle.

This is the hair  I lost after not detangling for a week. Not Bad at all! The shedding is definitely getting back to normal.




As you can see my ends look really thin from all the shedding, but who cares? I’m transitioning so it is all going to be cut off anyway.

Step 5: Moisturise and Seal

I moisturised with African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Silky Hair Moistuizer on the length of my hair and S-curl No Drip on my roots. I sealed with Coconut Oil.

Step 5 :Styling

I was debating doing another braid out but laziness took over and I decided to just leave it in two big twists. This what it looked like after is dried completely.

So that is it for my wash day recap. I hope you got some helpful tips or saw some products that you can try. Leave me a comment letting me know what stage of your hair journey your on, transitioning like me, relaxed/texlaxed or natural.




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Hair Update: Shedding + Going Natural + Big Chop?!

Post Birth Control Shedding

This post is long overdue and if you follow ,me on Instagram you would have already known this but to make it official I’m still putting it on my blog just in case.
For the past three going four months my hair has been shedding like crazy! At first I was puzzled and I chalked it up to just natural shedding. However, when it didn’t go back to normal after about a month and in fact it got worse, I became worried. I decided to do some research and lo and behold the culprit was birth control. Again!

This is one of those moments when you ask why Lord? Why did I ever take that thing? Based on countless Forums I have read about six months after you stop taking birth control pills, some women experience shedding similar to postpartum shedding. This occurs because of the hormonal changes that the body goes through to get back to normal. So here I am experiencing postpartum shedding all over again – I had a baby two years ago-.Over the past two weeks or so the shedding has lessened reasonably and things seem to be returning to normal. Thank God!

As I have stated in a previous post on Instagram this shedding is the straw that broke the camel’s back and it has resulted in me finally deciding not to get relaxers anymore.My hair has gotten quite thin as a result of the shedding and instead of trying to recover from another setback I rather go natural.I have always been on the verge of going natural every time I stretched between relaxers. In fact I tried going natural before, circa 2009 but that was before I knew anything about proper hair care and needless to say it was a disaster. I ended up relaxing again.

What’s The Plan

At this point I am exactly 5 months and a day post relaxer. I have been going back and forth in my mind debating how long I should try to transition before I cut off the relaxed hair and I have come to the conclusion that I want to try for two years.

Yes you read that right. I have watched countless “Big Chop” videos on Youtube, and I think I would be most comfortable going fully natural at the two year mark. Of course this is a journey and I don’t know what can happen down the road but I am hoping for the best and fingers crossed it will go as planned.

Transitioning Regimen

My regimen has pretty much remained the same. I must admit i have been slacking off on moisturising and sealing and i need to get back on track with that. However, I have been deep conditioning every single week and so far my hair has been doing well. I have done one small cut so far. I cut about an inch to an inch and a half two weeks ago. I have found the best protein/ moisture deep condition combination that I am going to share in a subsequent post so stay tuned for that. Also, I have been obsessed with braid outs and I have been using them to blend my natural and texlaxed textures. I’m planning on getting some braids installed once I pass the six month mark, so I’m looking forward to that.

I will be posting more about this part of my journey as It progresses.

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