Skin Update: No More Birth Control to Control My Acne

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Hi everyone and welcome to Marsha’s Journey! I have been so inconsistent lately, but sometimes life happens and blogging for me is a hobby that ends up on the back burner when life happens.

I previously did a post (How I Got Rid of Chronic Cystic Acne) detailing how I manage to get and keep my acne under control. In that post I discussed two strategies that had worked for me, but life decided to throw a wrench in my plans and here I am once again with a face full of zits, fresh out of the dermatologist’s office trying to work my way back to clear skin once again.

To pick up where I left off- I was relying on birth control pills to keep my acne under control. I remember thinking to myself more than once, that ingesting artificial hormones for years on end cannot be good for my body, but I was at a point where I enjoyed the benefits of clear skin and was willing to take the risk. My body though had very different ideas and decided to let me know that it wasn’t happy with what i was putting into it.

Not long after I wrote that post, I started feeling a niggling breast pain. nothing intense, but it would disappear and come back from time to time. Understandably I was frightened! I started assuming the worst. Any how I went to the doctor got it checked out and was diagnosed with Fibrocystic Breasts.- possibly brought on and or aggravated by the birth control. I immediately stopped taking them and almost immediately felt the pain dissipate. I am still learning about this condition and finding ways to control and reduce its effects. I will be doing more posts on it in the future.

So as you can imagine I am back at square one with this acne thing. I was reluctant to go back t o the dermatologist because I am trying to live a more holistic lifestyle with as little artificial medicine as possible. I looked at my diet and tried to implement changes based on research that would improve my skin’s health, but I was having no luck.  My skin just started getting worse each week and I gave in. I am now back on the Deriva regimen and my skin is slowly improving.

Fast forward from August 3rd, (when the above was written) to now. My skin is clearing very well. I had stopped using the Deriva for a few weeks in September and lost all the progress I have made. At the beginning of October I decided to give it one last try and so far I am seeing slow improvement. Lets see how it turns out. Have a look at how my skin currently looks below. I’m am going back to the derm next week for a follow up and I will be requesting something for the dark spots left behind by the break outs.

Right Side

Ignore the tattered head scarf please.

Left Side


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