Keep Your Ends Super Moisturised and Strong With the G.H.E Method

Hello! I am back from a short break. We all need to re-center and rejuvenate sometimes so I took a much needed reprieve not only from blogging, but work on a whole.

Any how I am back now and ready to share new material with you all. Today I want to discuss the Green House Effect method of retaining moisture, other wise called the baggy method. Very simply, it consists of using a plastic cap or bag to trap heat which causes the hair follicles too open and let in moisture. Sounds like deep conditioning doesn’t it? Well it is the same concept except that the conditioner is replaced by moisturiser and oil.

How is it done?

First I moisturise and seal normally. (For more information on moisturising and sealing click here). Once my hair is fully moisturised place a plastic cap over my head and allow it to stay on overnight while I sleep.

Alternatively If I want to focus just on the ends of my hair and prevent my head from sweating too much, put my hair into a loose bun and wrap the plastic over the ends only.

I recommend this method if you are not planning on wearing your hair out as the extra moisture might cause your hair to be weighed down. ¬†It is perfect for those last weeks of my stretches when I am doing strictly protective styles and I don’t really care about my hair staying sleek and voluminous.

Also, to prevent my hair from becoming too mushy I only do this every other night. It is not something that I do all the time but if I think my ends are not at their optimum health I might do it for a month or so to give them some extra nourishment.

I will be doing the GHE method at the end of this month, starting June first. I will be posting on Instagram and Facebook to announce the challenge. If you are interested in giving your ends some extra moisture be sure to join or you can go ahead and start now if you like.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever tried the GHE method and whether it works for you or not. Until next time happy hair journey!




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